Healing Matrix

Bridging Recovery assists with achieving and sustaining¬†Complete Recovery; emotional and physical sobriety, rich, intimate relationships, a means to feel spiritually connected and centered, effectively communicate, ability to play and have fun, experiencing and living with safety, creating financial peace, enjoy regular self-care to facilitate balance, well-being and a deeper understanding of self…


Physical sobriety and well-being

Physio-neurological testing and whole food supplements with NeuroScience

Monitor and heal “Chronic Abstinence Symptoms” as body detoxes of stress and/or chemicals

Healthy nutrition

20 minutes of movement a day- yoga, walking, biking, weights…


Calm, centered, present

Creating space by exploring beliefs, blocks and triggers

Relapse prevention and recovery maintenance

Journaling practices

Using a daily centering and presence-based practice

Navigating the Change Cycle

Balanced living using Intergral Life Planner


Exploring the infinite realm of mystery, beauty and wisdom practices

Exploring supporting spiritual resources

Inspirational groups- Buddhist 12 Step, 12 Step, Celebrate Recovery, White Bison, SMART Recovery, Life Ring, Phoenix Multisport, Dances for Universal Peace, Church, Sweat Lodge, Sacred Circles…

Yoga healing practices- asana, mudras, pranayama, meditation, chant…


Creating safety in our emotional world

Emotional Freedom Techniques – Tapping your body’s own energy and healing power

Meditations & visualizations to help with embodying emotions and letting thoughts go

Yoga Therapy practices

Tools to resource and greenlight feelings and sensations

Bring loving attention to triggers allowing them to heal

Fun / Recreation

Ability to play & have fun

Exploring blocks to re-creation and creation

Artist Dates

Phoenix Multisport events

Hanging with your tribe through clubs- cooking, hiking, writing, crafts, movies, book club, travel…

Work / Finances

Live with passion, purpose and financial peace

Navigating recovery in the work place

Financial peace tools and practices

Exploring an Essential Self Career

Creating a Vision- Ideal Day, goal book, collage…


Ability to create and enjoy rich, intimate relationships

Stage I and Stage II healing steps

Creating authentic relationships

Developing loving, healthy communication practices

Becoming response-able

Bridging Recovery Complete Recovery

Achieve lifelong sobriety using Integrative Addiction Counseling

Using our Complete Recovery process, we blend East and West philosophies and practices to help you maintain sobriety and maximize your life purpose.

Offering counseling sessions for individuals as well as family coaching for those affected by chemical dependency and addiction.

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Kay Kimball, MHS, CAC III, RYT

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