Healing Matrix

Healing Matrix


Bridging Recovery assists with achieving and sustaining Complete Recovery; emotional and physical sobriety, rich, intimate relationships, a means to feel spiritually connected and centered, effectively communicate, ability to play and have fun, experiencing and living with safety, creating financial peace, enjoy regular self-care to facilitate balance, well-being and a deeper understanding of self…

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Physical sobriety and well-being

  • Monitor and heal “Chronic Abstinence Symptoms” as body detoxes of stress and/or chemicals
  • Healthy nutrition
  • 20 minutes of movement a day- yoga, walking, biking, weights…
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Calm, centered, present

  • Creating space by exploring beliefs, blocks and triggers
  • Relapse prevention and recovery maintenance
  • Journaling practices
  • Using a daily centering and presence-based practice
  • Navigating the Change Cycle
  • Balanced living using First Things First Planner
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Exploring the infinite realm of mystery, beauty and wisdom practices

  • Exploring supporting spiritual resources
  • Inspirational groups- AA, NA, CA, Buddhist 12 Step, Dharma Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, White Bison, SMART Recovery, Life Ring, Phoenix Multisport, Dances for Universal Peace, Sweat Lodge, Sacred Circles…
  • Yoga healing practices- asana, mudras, pranayama, meditation, chant, yoga nidra…
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Creating safety in our emotional world

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques – Tapping your body’s own energy and healing power
  • Resource Tapping
  • Meditations & visualizations to help with embodying emotions and letting thoughts go
  • Yoga Therapy practices
  • Tools to resource and greenlight feelings and sensations
  • Bring loving attention to triggers allowing them to heal
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Fun / Recreation

Ability to play & have fun

  • Exploring blocks to re-creation and creation
  • Artist Dates
  • Phoenix Multisport events
  • Hanging with your tribe through clubs- cooking, hiking, writing, crafts, movies, book club, travel…
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Work / Finances

Live with passion, purpose and financial peace

  • Navigating recovery in the workplace
  • Financial peace tools and practices
  • Exploring an Essential Self Career
  • Creating a Vision- Ideal Day, goal book, collage…
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    Ability to create and enjoy rich, intimate relationships

    • Stage I and Stage II healing steps
    • Creating authentic relationships
    • Developing loving, healthy communication practices
    • Becoming response-able

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