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Early recovery is a vulnerable time as one by one the doors we have shut begin to open while at the same time our body and mind are trying to re-balance and function without chemicals. To be able to successfully heal from addiction, it is crucial that healthy balance be restored on all levels.

Addiction Counselor in Fort Collins.

I specialize in Addiction, Drug Abuse, and Trauma and PTSD. Continue reading to learn more about my services that are offered through online sessions.

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Stage 1 Recovery

In Stage One Recovery (0 to 3-6 months) we focus on grounding and creating safety and well-being using my customized Recovery Blueprint and First Things First Recovery Planner.

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Stage 2 Therapy

In Stage Two Recovery (6 months and beyond) I use both Attachment-Focused EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy to further the healing.

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Structured Family Therapy

I am a Certified Structured Family Therapist and bring healing, trust and understanding with powerful weekly sessions using the blueprint It Takes a Family by Debra Jay.

Kay Kimball

About Kay Kimball

I have been an Addiction Counselor and Life Coach since 2004, and have been in recovery since 1992. I start with a in-depth intake and goal-setting session so we closely follow, release and heal what is most important to you. I often weave in grounding and centering practices along with Resource Tapping to begin and end session.

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My Approach

We bring together tools and practices from the East and West to assist both those with chemical dependency as well as those affected by addiction, with successfully navigating the sometimes-turbulent waters of recovery and create health, joy, and balance in their lives.

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