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Building strong and supportive relationships can be crucial in the journey to recovery from addiction. At Bridging Recovery in Fort Collins, we believe nurturing relationships play a role in achieving complete healing and connection during recovery. With the guidance of therapist Kay Kimball, individuals can experience profound transformation through relationship repair and internal family systems therapy. Schedule an appointment by phone or online today.


In order to recover fully and maintain long-term sobriety, it is important to not only address the external factors but also cultivate inner peace and resilience. At Bridging Recovery, we offer comprehensive addiction counseling services and teach mindfulness practices that help promote complete recovery.


Recovery from addiction, drug abuse, and trauma is a journey that requires commitment, support, and effective treatment. At Bridging Recovery in Fort Collins, we offer comprehensive addiction counseling services to help individuals overcome their struggles and achieve long-term recovery. Our program stages of recovery. In this blog, we will explore what Stage Two Recovery is and how it can benefit individuals on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

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Emotional healing is a pivotal aspect of the recovery journey from addiction. At Bridging Recovery in Fort Collins, CO, we emphasize the importance of addressing emotional well-being for achieving lasting recovery and personal growth.

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We walk alongside you on your journey towards sobriety and long-term recovery at Bridging Recovery. In stage two of recovery, we understand that it's all about finding purpose, making amends, and forging a path toward lasting healing.

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Embarking on the journey of alcoholism recovery is a courageous step towards a healthier, fulfilling life. At Bridging Recovery, we understand that this path is multifaceted, requiring a holistic approach. One critical aspect that forms the foundation of successful recovery is the establishment of safety and stability. Delve into why creating a safe and stable environment is paramount for those on the road to recovery from alcoholism, then contact us to schedule an appointment.

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