Structured Family Recovery Coaching

Structured Family Recovery™ (SFR) is based on Debra Jay’s book, It Takes a Family, which has taken the highly successful impaired physician program and transformed it into a recovery blueprint for families.

As a Structured Family Recovery Coach, I offer support and guidance to keep everyone moving in a beneficial direction as the group works on setting goals, getting started with a recovery support group, gaining a good understanding of addiction and recovery and applying recovery principles to their individual situation. Structured Family Recovery™ doesn’t take the place of therapy but rather augments it.

Prior to the patient’s discharge from treatment, I work with the treatment center, addicted loved one, and SFR Team to create a seamless transition from primary treatment to becoming an active participant of the family recovery team. With SFR, family members stand with each other and the entire recovery community so no one is left standing alone.

Please contact me and we can explore if Structured Family Recovery is right for you and your family.


Augments therapy


Seamless transition


No one left alone

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"I have dealt with addiction for the better half of my life. As an addict of the hopeless variety, I condemned myself to a life of nothing but relapses followed by short stints of sobriety. After years of this, I was sure I would die before I got better. Kay changed this for me. As my primary counselor in my final stay in treatment, she gave me the tools and support that I needed to bring myself out of this viscous cycle. Due to her knowledge and personal experience with addiction, she is a trustworthy companion in your fight. I’m not sure where I would be today without Kay. She never gave up on me, and would do the same for any of her clients. I’m now 2 years sober and thankful every day."

– David H.

"Kay has played an integral part in my continuing recovery. I was never able to be honest with counselors, which, in turn, prohibited me from being honest with myself. She is easy to talk to, and doesn’t judge, but understands and empathizes. Kay has been in my shoes and by sharing her experiences, gave me a vision of a sober, happy, and fulfilled life. I am living that vision today in large part because of Kay Kimball. I highly recommend Kay to anyone looking to get sober and truly gain an understanding of their place and purpose in life."

– Ryan B.

"Kay is an amazing counselor, mentor and friend. She made my experience during and after InnerBalance extremely comforting and helpful. She is incredibly thoughtful and really gets to know her patients by incorporating their passions and interests as part of the healing process. She provides useful tools, great advice. She always remembered everything I told her and really has made me feel special and hopeful for the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone for her great advice and big heart!"

– Jaclyn S.

"When I met Kay, I had absolutely no idea who I was. I saw no possibility of a life without drinking. Gently, Kay opened one door at a time. She guided me to find parts of myself I never knew. Now I am sober and I have a new life, knowing who I am, because of her counseling and recovery coaching."

– Barb F.

"I first met Kay while going through a residential alcohol treatment program at Inner Balance where she was my primary counselor. But 28 days in residential treatment is just the first step, and a solid aftercare program is critical to a continuing satisfying sober life. This is where Kay really shines and makes the difference! She helped guide me through that first tenuous year of sobriety with a caring touch that I believe made my continued sobriety possible. She truly went over and above what I would expect from a counselor. My days are now enjoyable and fulfilling and I am forever grateful that I had Kay to help guide me into a wonderful sober life."

– John S.

"Having Kay as my life coach has been a truly life-changing experience. Kay has guided me through my own spiritual awakening - something I never thought possible before working with her. My life is now full of purpose, meaning, connection and wholeness. I’m still on my own “journey” and I am so grateful that Kay will be right there with me."

– Victoria B.

"Kay truly helped me take charge of my own recovery. Her warmth, compassion, and concern for clients’ well-being is very obvious even from the first time one interacts with her. Kay helped me to prioritize what was most important in my early recovery and the sessions I had with her set me up for success. The work I did with Kay no doubt helped me establish a strong foundation for my recovery and had a strong role to play in helping me achieve 3 years of successful continuous sobriety (and counting)."

– Josh L.

"I am truly grateful for all that she has done, and how in a professional yet caring manner she speaks the truth to me in love. She will be someone who will always be in my life and always will play a role in helping me with my recovery. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for some help in their recovery, at any stage, to go see Kay. She will give you tools, encouragement, and guidance, in a professional and caring manner. She has helped me find me and for that I am truly thankful."

– Danelle A.

"Kay as my Aftercare Coach teaches me how to search for the tools that will work for me. One size does not fit all. We each have our own journey. Now I see how the catastrophe my life had become is actually a blessing. I am finally happy I believe for the first time in my life. Yes, there was addiction, but Kay also helped me dig to find why I kept going outside myself to be happy, to medicate. Now I know true contentment can only come from within. On more than one occasion I’ve told Kay, “She wasn’t a Life Saver — she was a Life Giver.” She taught me how to not only survive this transition, but to thrive from it. It was the most powerful tool anyone could have given me."

– Barb O.

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